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Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur who1) Knows that your products & services can benefit the world yet your
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2) Is frustrated because you’re doing all the right things yet you’re
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3) Is stressed and worried and can’t seem to get out of debt?

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It is my gift to you because I understand and have been in your shoes not knowing I had invisible barriers holding me back.

I started out as a holistic physical therapist just wanting to help people get better AND realized that you can only help those who want to get better!


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So now I focus on business owners who want to change the world in a big way and want to feel fulfilled as they live their soul purpose AND are abundant with money, health and great relationships!

I am thinking that is you….

I would love to see you step into your power and experience the HIGHEST VERSION OF YOURSELF so you can feel self-confident, fulfilled, joyful and ready to share your talents with the world.

See you on the other side.

Vivian De Guzman
“#1 Money Magnet Activator”

You Will Discover:
  • The ONE THING you can do everyday to ACCESS MONEY & OPPORTUNITIES.
  • Why positive affirmation alone does not produce instant results.
  • How to follow through great ideas and complete them.
  • What specific beliefs block your abundance.
  • How specific colors balance your money flow.
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